SmartWater has established a tremendous reputation across France by providing a deterrent and affordable solution to delinquency.

We offer a range of forensic products that are innovative and dissuasive against delinquency. Whether it's protecting your business and employees, reducing theft or simply protecting your belongings, we can help you with a solution that's right for you.



SmartWater delivers on-going anti-delinquency service for businesses, government departments, the Forces of the Order, utilities and owners.

We are passionate about the fight against crime and we want to help you overcome the problems of delinquency encountered regularly. 

If you have suffered a burglary, a robbery or if you are the target of thieves, we have a customized solution to offer you.

At SmartWater we are recognized for our diverse forensic products that are suitable for homes and businesses. SmartWater products can identify the origin of ownership of the stolen object and link the perpetrator to the offense.

  • Each bottle contains a unique forensic signature.
  • Provided undeniable proof of belonging.
  • SmartWater makes it possible to link the perpetrator to the offense committed.
  • Operations are carried out to target repeat / persistent delinquency.


Founded in the UK in 1993, SmartWater has redefined the security industry by inventing the concept of "forensic marking".

SmartWater was created by Phil Cleary from the Forces de l'Ordre and by his chemist brother Mike Cleary. SmartWater was originally designed to be used by law enforcement as a means of identifying stolen goods and to link the offender to the offense scene.

In England, SmartWater allows the arrests and convictions of criminals. The forensic evidence SmartWater was used in court and allowed hundreds of criminal convictions with 100% convictions.

SmartWater was launched in France in 2009 and continues to build a solid reputation for reducing delinquency. More and more the various services, vehicles and officers of Police and Gendarmerie Nationale are equipped with UV lamp actively looking for traces of SmartWater. This activity will further enhance the fear of SmartWater among criminals by increasing the threat of detection.


  • "Nous avions l’obligation d’installer un sas d’entrée et de transformer notre devanture. Sans ça, personne ne nous suivait puis j’ai rencontré Michel Unik, le frère de Thierry bijoutier assassiné en 2011, ... En savoir plus »

    Mme Catherine Collier, Bijouterie Collier

  • "Face à la récente recrudescence des vols commis dans le réseau du transport de colis, nous avons décidé d’installer des dispositifs innovants et efficaces pour protéger nos personnels et nos marchandises. ... En savoir plus »

    Arnaud Conrad, Société Exapac

  • "Je recherche des solutions pour stopper les braquages. Aujourd’hui les bijoutiers sont très mal équipés contrairement à d’autres établissements comme les banques. J’adhère à ce nouveau dispositif intéres... En savoir plus »

    Michel Unik, Bijouterie Unik

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